Achievements for a Jedi in training

I’ve been playing Yoda Stories quite a bit lately. For some reason it wasn’t well received during its time, although I guess its price might have had something to do with it. Getting the game for free with X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter certainly sweetened the deal. Don’t you just wish you could buy the game again on GOG or Steam? Okay, you probably don’t. But if it happened, here’s a made-up list of achievements that I feel could be included.

  • Jedi Apprentice: complete 5 different missions
  • Jedi Knight: complete 10 different missions
  • Jedi Master: complete all missions
  • Inside you must go: obtain the upgraded Lightsaber
  • The Force will be with you, always: obtain the Force permanently
  • I will be back, I promise: obtain the Spirit Heart
  • Your weapons, you will not need them: complete a mission without using any weapons
  • Reckless he is: complete a mission without using any healing items
  • Look at the size of that thing: complete a mission with the largest map size and highest difficulty level
  • Impossible, even for a computer: complete a mission without using the map
  • Complete, your training is: find every item in the game
  • Beware the Dark Side: use R2-D2 to inspect Darth Vader
  • There will be no deal: insult Jabba with your petty money
  • The X marks the spot: find an outsider…
  • Just as promised: return to Yoda after the end of a mission
  • The Force is strong with this one: obtain a score of 750 or higher
  • No money, no parts, no nothing: make 50 deals with sellers

Disney, if you are reading this, make it so. I give you permission. And while you are there, release The Infernal Machine too. It doesn’t get enough love.


What says you?

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