It’s raining Elites

I need an aspirine. I spent the last two hours trying Halo 2 on Legendary, which was a very good way to remove that itch I had for buying the Master Chief Collection. Seriously, what’s up with this game.

I generally consider myself good enough, I mean, I have finished all the other games on Legendary, including Reach. It’s hard, it takes patience, perhaps I would not be able to do it again today, but I still did it. Halo 2 just feels so unfair to me though. And I’m not even talking about the Jackal snipers, I have never even seen those, because I can’t get past the Cairo hangar.

The Halo stage in DOA4 was indeed the Cairo Hangar. Knowing Itagaki, he probably enjoyed that part. (image source:
The Halo stage in DOA4 was indeed the Cairo Hangar. Knowing Itagaki, he probably enjoyed that level way too much. (source:

At one point, you get to a ship which drops off Elites and Grunts. Ok, fine, you kill them. Then more come out, except more dangerous. Fine, you try to kill them too. And then even more come out! I still don’t know what happens next, but chances are that more would come out. Uhm.

The biggest issue is actually dealing with your own weapons. Only the rifle and plasma pistols/rifles are of any use. Short range weapons are a good way to get you killed, So your choice is limited, and so is your ammo. I usually don’t do too badly in this part, until my ammo runs out and then I’m left with SMGs and mounted guns. And then I might as well reload.

Funnily, there’s 4 mounted guns above the platform. Ideally, Bungie wanted players to use them to keep the assaulters at bay. Good luck doing that in Legendary, where sticking your nose out for more than 1,5 seconds will bring to an untimely demise.

New graphics, same frustration
New graphics, same frustration

Of course none of this was fixed for the Anniversary re-release. Nostalgia must be king. Well, they didn’t fix the Jackals either, and a lot more people complained about those.

I’ll probably get the MCC eventually (if only for the other games), and maybe even try this part again on Legendary. Who knows, maybe the higher resolution will make it easier or something. Yeah.


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