Hunting monsters for the fourth time

Finished the MH4U demo just now. A decent way of tasting the full game. You start with a bunch of potions and megapotions, so it’s not overly difficult, even on Experienced. The Gore gave me some trouble the first time because you only get 25 minutes (also he’s seriously dangerous when angered), but once I knew his pattern, I made it the second time around with a good 5 minutes to spare.

The game is not exactly a looker. The textures are quite bad, the palette choice is poor, and in 3D mode there’s texture crawling everywhere. That said, the framerate is good enough, and in 2D mode you even get some antialiasing for your trouble.

The new gameplay additions are… troubling, in part. The big maps are nice, and of course the controls are familiar as always. The extra verticality would add more depth to the combat, if the grabbing weren’t simply a button mashing minigame. Its usefulness also seems somewhat questionable, at least in this demo. Maps are a lot more confusing, now that there’s something to climb everywhere. On the plus side, stamina depletion seems slower, and recovery times from jumps are a lot faster. But again on the bad side, with each map having so many small hills and other differences in terrain height, the lock-on camera doesn’t work nearly as well as in MH3U.

So yeah… it’s still Monster Hunter. Even if the new additions try to shake things up, I don’t think they wanted to change a lot of stuff.

Just like Smash, there’s no Miiverse or Browser support during the game. Also, it seems to be a battery hog: starting with a 3 out of 4 bars battery, after playing for about 60 minutes the red light had gone into blinking status. Doesn’t surprise me, seeing as it squeezes every ounce of processing power out of the console. It’s just too bad that it doesn’t quite translate into tangible graphical improvements (I fear the bigger maps are to blame).


What says you?

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