In search of lost coherency

I’ve started reading Proust’s masterpiece of biblical proportions in March. 10 months later, I’m still reading. Almost at the end of the fifth book. Now I’ll day that it’s the one with the most mistakes so far. Here is what happens at the big party:

– the doctor is said to have died a few days before the party
– the butt-monkey is at the party, gets kicked out by the host, suffers some kind of heart attack in the garden, and dies a few weeks later
– the doctor is said to be at the party with everyone else
– the doctor couldn’t come to the party because he was at the butt-monkey’s house, since the butt-monkey was bedridden due to the shock after a failed speculation
– the butt-monkey is said to die only a few years later, and the doctor is at his funeral

You can see the book wasn’t quite finished. All these mistakes are somewhat interesting, though, because they mean you can choose what you want to be true by yourself.

Ideally, the outcome is usually the one that is worst for the butt-monkey.


What says you?

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