The Hollywood Effect

Ok, so I finally completed Zork Nemesis. Strangely, it’s the first time I’ve ever reached the end, despite it being one of my favorite adventures. But that’s probably because I choose my favorite adventures on graphical style and design.

The Conservatory and Mausoleum (picture) were hard enough that I had to follow a guide most of the time. Great design though.
The inside of the Monastery has a lot of Zork references, enough to make you nostalgic.

In a way, I wish I hadn’t finished it. The ending kinda ruins the rest of the game.

(spoilers ahead)

Well, nevermind the crappy CG effects of the alchemists’ death, which can be easily forgiven in a 1996 low-budget game. But the ending scene is literally Lucien and Alexandria looking behind them as the temple explodes like the Death Star. Very sudden and without reason. I guess they thought it would be more dramatic. I was expecting them to ride off on a horse toward the sunset.

There must be a rule stating that mid-90s live action videogames have to have crappy endings. Uhm, well, perhaps Realms of the Haunting wasn’t too bad. Just a little weird.


What says you?

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