What it could be

Spoilers below, I guess.




And thus ends the Akagi live-action series. While there was never any doubt Akagi would win – what did you expect from a prequel series where the main character would die if he lost? – they decided not to show the 3rd and 4th South rounds. Not unexpectedly, since even the manga is still in the middle of the 4th South round. But they did give it a closure of sort.

Blood? Well, although it looks more like red paint.
Blood? Well, although it looks more like red paint.

We get a glimpse of Washizu’s very last hand! Akagi takes a bloodied tile from it, and it looks very clearly like a Kokushi Musou, possibly tenpai (because where would the drama be otherwise?). A possible scenario, to make it even more drama-worthy, would be that Washizu was even in was a thirteen-sided wait with Suzuki holding his winning tile, to make his victory all but ensured, and then Akagi wins off his discard.

Well, we don’t even know if Fukumoto will use this element in the manga. Although, surely he must have been consulted for this project. So who knows. Maybe Washizu will indeed get a tenpai Kokushi Musou in the end. It won’t be long before the truth is out, anyhow.


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