Collection Deathmatch


Let’s interrupt the regular schedule to bring about the fight of the century – a showdown between the two biggest next-gen remasters yet! Clearly a lot of love and care was put into these two titles, so it is worth exploring them, and comparing the most important points about them, to see which one is more deserving of a spot in your collection! And for the sake of an unfair comparison, we’ll pretend they both came out at the same time, because that makes things more exciting!

Title: this one is easy. The two titles are equally bad, but Nathan Drake Collection isn’t even true because they didn’t include Golden Abyss, which last time I checked, starred the titular guy. They could have called it Naughty Dogs Collection, which even had the same acronym, but they didn’t. For this oversight, Halo wins.

Cover: this one is also easy. The MCC, with the Chief’s big, disembodied head slapped on front, looks designed to keep children awake at night. I suggest putting a sheet in front of it, just in case. Meanwhile, Uncharted presents us with Drake’s not dismembered body, a big improvement. Not to mention the map texture, as if he were inviting us to touch and explore his sensual body. The winner is Uncharted.

Waiting: the MCC requires you to download a 20GB patch to play. The NDC requires you to download a 1GB patch. I believe this kind of math is easy enough. Uncharted wins.

Value: Uncharted is 60 euro and will give you 3 games and no multiplayer. Halo is 60 euro and gives you 4 games with multiplayer. Even not counting the latter, that’s still an extra game. Too bad about those natural numbers! Halo wins.

Multiplayer: Uncharted has no multiplayer whatsoever. Halo also has no multiplayer whatsoever because it doesn’t work. It’s a tie.

Verdict: it’s 2-2, and therefore a draw! That means you could choose to get both games, as they are equally worth your money! Or you could get neither, if you already played them all, and save the money for Uncharted 4 and Halo 5. At least you’ll get multiplayer.


What says you?

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