New beginnings

In a pretty nice coincidence, my list ended on the day I finally received my new CPU. Well, “new” is a strong word here: it isn’t new, being atually an old Core i5-2400 (3.1Ghz), and it isn’t even new sealed, since it was a second-hand item. Paid less for it, of course. I needed something to replace my i3-2100 (3.1Ghz), and I guess doubling the number of cores for a relatively low price was worth it, since I didn’t even have to replace the motherboard. Given the state of the consoles out there, this CPU will probably last me at least another 3 years, if not more.

Well, now we are talking. The Core i3-2100 used to score around 8500 here.
Well, now we are talking. The Core i3-2100 used to score around 8500 here.

Because I like to live dangerously, I’m still using the same Intel stock cooler that came with my i3. I thought it would be the same, apparently it’s not. Of course it’s compatible, but the aluminium base (instead of copper) isn’t quite as good. After replacing the thermal paste, I’m getting temperatures of 40 degrees on idle and 80 degrees on full load with Prime95… which is good, but not great. Perhaps I will buy a slightly better cooler eventually.

For now, it will do. One interesting example is the beta for The Crew: Wild Run, which used to run like utter crap on the i3, and when I say crap I mean it couldn’t even keep 30fos on the lowest settings. After upgrading to the i5, poof, now I can play on medium/high settings with a framerate between 30fps and 60fps. Not bad. Granted, my HD7850 1GB means I still need to set the textures to low quality. I wonder how much longer it will last me. But again, for now it will do.

Nevermind that I’m still using SATA2.


What says you?

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