Butterflies stuck in 1993 FMVs

So, you do eventually plan to have souls in your Mansion of Hidden Souls, right?

Actual textures! In a Mega CD game! Ok it’s a FMV, but so what? Textures! And look at the polygon seams on the ground. I’m amazed.

Funny, I thought this game would be controlled like Myst, with a screen cursor moved by the joypad. Not ideal, but that’s how adventures usually worked in the early 90’s. But I guess Japan thought differently.

Old man Stauf built a house, and filled it with butterflies… wait, wrong game.

So you move around in directions instead, like an old first-person dungeon crawler. Except that instead of crawling dungeons, you are exploring the ancestor of the Umbrella mansion. With a lot less shooting at zombies,and a lot more talking with butterflies.

The cake is a roughly polygonal, barely textured lie. Still better than the two colored tea, at least. Or the no-contrast table.

Hard to say how the game is, so far. The buttons don’t seem to do anything yet. But then, I guess I need to explore further. While visually it could be considered striking for 1993, and the setting certainly seems interesting enough, time hasn’t been kind to it. Especially, the roughly 10fps videos in 32 colors don’t look very good today.

Look, a billiard table. A minigame must be about to start. Maybe it will run smoother than the actual game.

But that is the fate of most Mega CD games, isn’t it? I guess it’s what happens when you suddenly find yourself with 120x the storage space. It would be like getting your hands on a 240TB hard drive, you would start filling it with the biggest and most useless stuff just because you can.

I look forward to seeing how the game unravels, unless boredom turns me into a butterfly first.


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