Die By The Punch: Limb From Limb

Between work (which has started again and is taking most of my time) and having to go out more often, I have almost exclusively been playing mobile games lately. They are faster to pick up and play, after all.

ArchiRayman Dynasty. Maybe we’ll be able to get a submarine and drive out of Vespucci. Granted we’d still need to wait for the egg to hatch before we can play more…

Rayman Adventures is one such game that I’ve been abusing a lot. While I was cold to it at first, it is something I play daily now. The F2P elements aren’t as noticeable once you don’t have the time for longer sessions anyway. Other than that, it really raises the bar for full platformer controls on mobile. It makes it difficult to go back to the more restricted feel of Jungle Run and Fiesta Run.

I never even noticed that the Rayman 1-ups were actually taken from Rayman’s small form sprite. So many surprises to discover. Or maybe I never paid enough attention, even though it’s one of my favorite games ever.

Rayman in general, at the least, has always been consistently good. There are some amazing games, but even the worst ones tend to be at least fun. The reboots, starting from Origins, have also been extremely well received. Of course, it gets problematic when I make my usual mistake of wanting to play the worst version of a good game. Why did I choose Rayman 3D over, say, any of the countless other versions? Horrible framerate, flat graphics, distorted music and glitched sound everywhere. The 3D is very nifty, but that’s it. I’ll bet even the DS version was on par with it, at least it had all the sound effects in the right place.

Rayman 3 on the Gamecube feels like a 60fps wet dream, after the terrible jerkiness of Rayman 3D. It even had a photo mode – the compression isn’t even that bad, considering it has to save on 4MB memory cards. I wonder how many blocks for each photo…

Not counting spin-offs (I can only tell you about Rayman M once it arrives, I’ve just bought it for ridiculously cheap online) and some low-budget handheld entries, I wonder if we’ll ever see an outright bad Rayman game. At the moment, after Origins and Legends, it doesn’t sound easy.


What says you?

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