Bearer of the curse, you have too many souls now

Despite being pretty busy at work, I’ve managed to put in quite a few hours into Dark Souls 2 (again). One thing I found out: if you play these Souls games too much, you will eventually get tired of them.

Getting tired of Serious Sam though? Don’t be daft. At most, I might choose to play a bit more casually (ie. still in Serious difficulty… but with no extra multipliers)

No surprise there, that’s like every other game ever. Still, because Souls requires a lot out of the player, being tired of it makes it much more painful to play compared to something less demanding. I could grow weary of shoters – unlikely – but still play some casually. Meanwhile, if I grow tired of Souls, playing one will feel like an utter chore. That’s why I decided to drop the last DLC boss, go straight for Nashandra (still too easy) and Aldia (still too easy), and shelve the game. While I will probably pick up Dark Souls 3 eventually, it might be a while before I feel like doing that.

This guy and his talks about light and dark and whatever, weren’t even there the first time I played, back at launch. So what is a king anyway? According to him, you gotta be a totally amazing dude. Vendrick would approve.

That done, I’ve been looking for other things to play. How many here know about Machi? It’s a visual novel by Chunsoft (before they made 999 and Danganronpa and changed their focus), one that apparently is considered an old cult classic. I found a cheap copy, so I’ll try and make my way through it slowly. Reading sound novels on a Saturn emulator is not the easiest thing, especially because I can’t just use Rikaichan.

With a colorful cast of characters, this story is sure to be interesting. Ignore the low budget look. I doubt Chunsoft had a lot of money back then (not sure if they do even now).

A gamer detective, whose name is Amemiya Keima. Keema – Geema. Amazing. Even he muses on it. It can only get crazier.


What says you?

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