Cover Fascination

There’s something utterly engrossing about the unknown. I remember shopping in video games stores many years ago, when 3D was still new, a basic bilinear filtering seemed like a miracle, and Sonic was still cool (not that I’d know, I was a PC player at the time). With so many boxes on display, there were a few ones bound to capture my imagination.

Covers of Myst clones always were especially nice to look at. They better be, since the whole game is spent staring at fixed screens. By the way, I got to play this one recently, and didn’t like it. Maybe my younger self would have appreciated it nonetheless.

It’s a weird feeling, being spell-bound like that. You suddenly think that the game must be an amazingly engrossing experience that will result in your life improving in an otherwise impossible manner. If I actually bought the game, which didn’t happen all that often because boxed games were usually expensive, perhaps the spell would be broken. Perhaps not. Your resistance to suckiness is far higher when you are a kid. I remember some horrible crap quite fondly.

Of course this cannot happen anymore nowadays. If there’s some midly interesting-looking cover, I’ll be on the internet faster than you can say “reviews”. So this is all nostalgia. But, my early years have been quite long, and there are some games I don’t even remember looking at. Just seeing the cover on the internet by random chance, would be enough to make me remember. And then I’d have to check that game out, and break the spell. It happened often, and it will happen again.

This cover doesn’t look that good. But it still seemed strangely interesting to me. Maybe it was a sign that my discerning skills were getting better, because the game was, and still is, amazing.

In a way, feels like I’m purposely hurting myself. But then, it also means that my curiosity is stronger than my nostalgia. That’s a nice thought. Makes you feel young, doesn’t it?


What says you?

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