Machi – Upping the ante

I may have spoken a bit too soon. I previously said that, even though Machi is a very complicated game in terms of structure and connections between characters, there’s enough signposting to make one understand when a choice is gonna be important. A red caution sign appears whenever a scenario-changing decision needs to be taken: that will make sure people can never get into too much trouble. Right?

Well, not so quick. Turns out, the red sign was only around for the first day, as a sort of tutorial. From the second day onward, all choices are unmarked. Even the important ones. That will definitely make things harder.

Of course, not all choices are important.

It’s still playable, but it does mean I’ll need to keep a semblance of organization. I can’t just play the game blind anymore. Therefore, I’ve started keeping tracks of all the choice hours and zapping points in the game. I expect the table will look quite busy by the end.

But damn, a spreadsheet file for a sound novel. This is the first time I hear of something like that. The average visual novel just has a couple choices before locking you into a specific route that “overwrites” all the others. Machi has a truckload of choices, zapping points, bad ends, and there aren’t any real routes: it’s a single story that unfolds, all of the characters contribute to it. Truly, Machi was the “innovation of sound novel”.


What says you?

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