Machi – 48 hours later

After much reading and translating very loosely, the second day has reached its conclusion too. Cheers to me!

The first day set up everyone’s personal scenarios, but kept them relatively apart. The second day developed these scenarios further and also set up the connections between the characters. The full tale is now starting to take a somewhat uniform shape, although too many questions still don’t have an answer at all – and with 3 days left, that was to be expected.

Let’s take a quick look at each protagonist’s second day to see how they are faring.

Amemiya Keima

Actually a bad end.

The bomb threat continues. Once again, a race against time… and once again, another dud. But now Keima has become suspicious about everyone around him, including his friends. We saw him being spied by a person in a phone box, but it’s not revealed who it was.

Umabe Kintaro

Those thugs are going to see an actor’s full power very soon.

He was already in trouble with Sanj, now he’s in even more trouble: after an unpleasant encounter with the Shiramine yakuza boss (Minako’s uncle), and now it’s either capture Sanji within the next day, or be executed. Oh, if he does manage that, he’ll get to marry the boss’ daughter, which doesn’t sit too well with the current second-in-command. Also, we discover Umabe gets *really* violent when drunk, and starts spouting quotes from yakuza movies. By the end of the day, he managed to reach the troupe’s hotel, so something will happen soon.

Masami Ushio

If he only knew that’s actually his previous boss’ niece.

Ushio still has it relatively easier than most other characters, though not without trouble. The shooting went on for the whole day, but Michiru secretly proposing to him (thinking he is Umabe) has made the situation a bit more difficult. Now Umabe is in the same hotel, they are probably bound to meet soon. Or maybe something will happen before that.

Ichikawa Fumiyasu

It’s a tangerine. Don’t ask.

Meanwhile, Ichikawa discovers his manuscript is gone. Not knowing what happened to it, he thinks it must have been someone from the outside, and sets up an infrared camera to know for sure. He returns to work, but in the meantime, he’s clearly afflicted by his family situation. The next day we’ll see what the camera sees, hopefully.

Takamine Ryuji

Grand Theft Machi.

Things are still fairly depressing for Ryuji. He reaches his old house, and then beats the crap out of his jerk dad. And then his sister and his mother obviously throw him out (but man, the jerk dad totally deserved that). Now he has nowhere to go, and nothing to do. I suppose his story will tie to the others soon, especially since his sister is the girl Ushio originally wanted to propose to.

Hosoi Yoshiko

Desperate times call for desperate measures, such as buying diet products from a shady company.

Poor Yoshiko isn’t doing much better. Despite some genuine effort, she is nowhere closer to her original goal, though her mood often jumps between utterly depressed (thanks to her empty stomach) and hopelessly optimistic (thanks to the power of one-sided love). Her last blunder was to buy a bunch of diet proudcts… and eat a couple kilos of them. However, at the very end of the day, it looks like she has reached a new conclusion. What is that? We’ll know soon.

Tobisawa Yohei

You can see that he fully understand his mess of a situation.

This guy is probably the unluckiest in the bunch. On one side, he has had to juggle all day between the three girls he’s somehow tied to: Minako’s crazy uncle could cut him up, Ami herself could cut him up since apparently’s she gets into fits of rage when she’s angry (possibly with a scissor). And Yuki (with his own son) appeared at home and looks like she will be sleeping there for the rest of the week. He also had to masterfully handle a chance meeting between Ami and Minako. Oh, if that weren’t enough, he’s promised all of the girls to take them out the next day. This guy keeps on digging his own grave.

Shinoda Masashi

Masashi gets all the ladies. And some gentlemen too.

The Shichiyokai’s tale continues to impress. Funny, touching and mysterious at the same time. Masashi takes care of three targets this time: a drug-abusing barber, a bank clerk who turns out to be a stripper, and a lonely old geezer. Masashi looks like he’s growing quite a bit during this whole ordeal, and some slightly saucy bits add some fun too. An after-dark meeting with the bank clerk possibly sheds a light on some of the mysteries, especially how the whole thing could be a pyramid scheme. But it’s just a theory, however likely, and I doubt that’s all of it. And Masashi’s last target will be the hardest yet: the Shiramine boss.

The third day will start soon. And as apparently it’s contained on both discs 1 and 2, I expect quite a bit of disc swapping. I sure hope I’m wrong though. I don’t wanna go back to the floppy disk days.


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