Machi – Friday over

So the third day is over, with a few surprises to go along with it. Perhaps the biggest one was seeing Umabe and Ushio’s scenarios end with a good two days to spare. I was expecting all the characters to finish at the same time, perhaps with one big scenario to make them all unite together against some common obstacle or whatever. But then, this isn’t Sonic Adventure 2.

I still don’t know how they convinced that police inspector to just play along. Suspension of disbelief, I guess.

As I said, the biggest surprise is that Umabe and Ushio are now out of the picture, the former after exposing a plot against the Shiramine boss by his underling, and the latter after clearing his name and getting the true robber arrested. Fittingly, it all ended with a play. The last few hours of both scenarios require the player to jump between Uma and Ushi continuously. It was actually pretty exciting.

So, now The Wrong Man is over, how are the other characters doing?

Masashi, jack of all trades. Although some lead to bad ends.

Several of them are now starting to meet more often, but they are still in bigger trouble than ever. Ichikawa is still at odds with his disappearing manuscripts, and probably caught onto the idea that he might have a split personality who is doing all the deleting for some unknown reason. Ryuji reunited with a high school friend and actually had a good time for once, but at the end of the day it’s clear he doesn’t want to involve his friend any further.

This cop has seen everything by now. And he isn’t even a cop, just some random guy dressing like one and going around for patrols.

Keima still hasn’t caught the bomber, and this time Shiori got hurt too, which leads to his doubting himself and his inability to act. Yoshiko keeps trying to lose weight, and keeps failing horribly – at least she told her co-worker friend about the diet, so maybe it will lead to something. But with two days left, how do you lose 17 kilos, short of cutting off your own legs? (I’m not suggesting that she will do that)

Of course it’s just a dream, but being told off by your own thinner selves in your sleep must be kind of grating.

Masashi bites off more than he can chew trying to blackmail the Shiramine boss, and has to run away to regroup. Meanwhile he suffers all sorts of abuse, but then, it was Friday the 13th. Tomorrow can only be better (maybe he won’t keep getting punched in the face, for example). As for Yohei, he still can’t shake off Ami, and his attempts to make her disgusted at him (so she’ll agree to an abortion) fail repeatedly. Not to mention, Yuki just told him that she wants to marry soon. And Shiramine just outright told him that if he should ever make Minako cry, he’ll pay dearly. I swear this guy is so screwed. I don’t even know how this situation could lead to a happy ending – but given the humorous nature of the scenario, a tragic ending is out of the question. We’ll see.

Yohei tries to raise his voice and appear like a violent drunkard. But he is definitely not cut for shouting at a girl.

What’s next then? Chances are at least one or two more scenarios will end before the fifth day. I couldn’t say who, though. Anyway, with some characters out of the way, the game will get a bit shorter, and I might even manage to finish it within the next week. But I’m too optimistic here. I keep getting bad endings. I think the last one I saw was Bad End #68…


What says you?

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