Machi – Only 24 hours left

See guys, full immersion really works. I managed to finish the 3th day between Saturday and Monday. My neck kinda hurts now. But nevermind that. After all, we are so close to the end.

Contrary to my expectations, none of the characters had the scenario end in the 4th day, so we still have six problems to deal with. However, now we are almost at the climax, several things have come out in the open.

Ichikawa for some reason is a bit of a jerk in Keima’s scenario. Mind you, this is part of a bad end.

Keima has reached a pretty big breakthrough – he found who appears to be the bomber. His plan to lure him out actually worked pretty well, which is surprising because when a plan is explained the audience beforehand, it rarely works. Now they know where the culprit lives, they only have to get him red-handed. I guess the fifth day could still have some surprises though. After all, Machi is a bit like that Schrodinger experiment. You don’t know what will happen until you see it for yourself.

An accurate depiction of his left hand. I wouldn’t want a hand like that. It must be really annoying when he’s… busy with himself *cough*

Speaking of Schrodinger, Ichikawa also drew an interesting conclusion. It looks like he’s convinced his left hand is to blame for his misdeeds. Well, he also meets up with his old flame. Who is like 10 years younger, and apparently had a past with Ryuji too. Of course he acts like a freak during the whole dinner. That’s how you reunite with a girl you haven’t seen in forever.

You’d have to be some kind of idiot to trip like that. Either that, or Yohei. At least it leads to his getting punched in the face.

Ryuji himself doesn’t fare much better. He has no passport, no ID card, no place to go, he punched his dad’s jaw repeatedly so he can’t exactly go home either, he only has his ex-girlfriend left, and what does he do? He acts like an even bigger jerk. Well, he does get to spend the night in prison because of a brawl, so now he truly has nothing left, we’ll see what he decides upon the dawn of the fifth day.

Yoshiko finally snaps.

Yoshiko has probably reached the lowest point yet, after fasting for a few days (nevermind that her weight just isn’t going down), and then seeing her best friend talking with his boyfriend. Weird encounters with a crocodile, a cheerleader casanova-wannabe, and a bunch of aliens who refuse to pick her up for harvesting because she is too fat, eventually push her to the edge. Now she only has to lose 13 kilos in one day. Of course, when the coworker and the boyfriend were talking, she probably chewed him out for suggesting the bet, so I guess she’ll get her happy ending… after some more trouble.

He still hasn’t got the girl though.

Masashi, thanks to some new material, finally manages to extort the last 10.000 yen from Shiramine. Once again, the yakuza boss, despite the appearances, turns out one of the most humane characters in the game. Still, there’s one last meeting with the Shichiyokai tomorrow, so something has to happen. Chances are, Masashi will become the new Sunday. And there’s still the matter of Wednesday.

Dem feels tho.

Yohei’s scenario was surprisingly touching, as Yohei and Ami end up caring for a sick Yuusaku (who’s actually Yohei’s son, but of course she doesn’t know that) and he makes some actual progress in learning the responsibilities of being a dad. By the end of the day, it does look like the situation is solved: the wedding with Minako is tomorrow, Ami reveals that she lied and the child was never actually his son, and Yuki learned about the wedding and decided to leave them alone. Surely however, as even Yohei himself muses, it was all too easy. The wedding will likely have all of the girls coming together, finding out the truth… and hopefully reaching an understanding.

I’m leaving for a vacation next Monday, so I’m hoping to finish the game before that. With six days at my disposal, it should be feasible, unless the last day is ridiculously long for everyone. I hope not, though: it has been a fun ride so far, but now I really want to see how it ends.


What says you?

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