For Want of a Whale

It’s been a while since my last post, but when you finish your personal game of the year, every other game pales in comparison. It’s too bad. Incidentally, perhaps it will be another story that catches my mojo again.

And there’s even time for a new GPU. Which will be swiftly used for… old games and browsing the internet.

After all, now that Machi is out of the way, I’ve been able to resume my daily (or nightly, really) reading habits. My latest prey is Moby Dick, by Herman Melville. It’s somewhat hard to describe, in truth. I was expecting a sordid tale of revenge amidst possibly pirates or something, and lots of accidental whale rampages in between.

So far it’s been anything but. I’ll admit that filling 1000 pages with that stuff would have been hard, but what we’ve seen as of yet (currently sitting at 60% of the book according to the Kindle), it’s essentially “Whaling 101: a 19th century primer”.

Not actually the Pequod.

There’s still time for it to turn into a sordid tale of revenge amidst possibly pirates, but when Melville spends most of the pages describing different whale species, arguing about the merits of whaling and then starting the vegan movement (those last two feel somewhat contrasting), I fear the rest of the book won’t be all that different.

Maybe the last 5%. That would be enough.


What says you?

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