This is love, that is love

Fall is underway, and the cold beckons. About time too, we have had short sleeves temperatures until the end of September. It’s only fair that we get to stay home and sip hot tea now…. assuming you even like the thing. I don’t. Maybe I just don’t have a soul.

Barrow Hill had a few good ideas about the Fall Equinox. By the way, that note doesn’t say anything about not eating the carrots, now does it?

Speaking of going out, one game I recently finished is Moon RPG Remix Adventure. That’s a handful of a title, but it was worth it. It was a bit Undertale, a bit Spec Ops: The Line. Hard to say, really. There’s a really rough adventure game in there, but encircled by a very interesting story and all-around nice music.

Welcome to Moon World. Go around and gather love. You’ll discover that love is a stronger power than any level up. Or is it?

The basic gist is that you are sucked into a RPG, and get to see first-hand what it really means for the NPCs to have to deal with a hero obsessed only with leveling up (that would be you, by the way). Instead, as the protagonist, you have to shadow the hero and fix his messes, and you can only level up by helping people and monsters. Sounds like a straight parody, but it eventually gets deeper than that. I won’t spoil it, but let me leave you with the best sleeping theme ever. Take that, Final Fantasy 7.

It’s only available in Japanese, so I hope you know the language at least well enough to get around. And I still couldn’t finish it without a guide because some of the later puzzles are just so complicated. It’s your choice whether to play it or not, however, do at least give it the old college try. It was nowhere near my favorite game this year, but it was still a surprise. And that’s more than you can say about many games today.


What says you?

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