Portrait of the benchmarker as an unsatisfied man

I find myself at an empasse. I already explained that my tastes in old graphics cards tend to be limited to the 1997-2000 era, possibly the latter years (mostly because I also like to use those old cards for games, and anything pre-TNT is going to be too slow for my purposes).

Although Shadows of the Empire seems to believe that 16fps is perfectly good, I’d like a graphics card that reaches a bit above that. Call me ambitious.

But now I have a Savage 4 Pro, albeit one without heatsink for some reason (nothing that a slight underclock couldn’t solve), and once my Geforce 2 MX arrives, I will already own all of the cards I care about. Well, not quite all of them, but the ones I can realistically own. I have already given up hope of ever finding a Voodoo 4, Geforce 256 or even Permedia 3. That doesn’t mean I’m not constantly checking the listings, but still, it’s one of those things you do without thinking it will really happen. Ah, the sweet harmony of hopelessness.

Maybe I could look for an ISA graphics card, like this Matrox impression. I wonder how far I could push them. I doubt any ever supported Direct3D, but who can tell?

All that will remain, then, shall be to simply buy variants of cards I already have. Let’s say, a GF2 MX 200, to see how much memory bandwidth influences performance, or maybe a real TNT2 (there are only two things you can be certain of in this world – death, and just about any TNT2 on sale being a M64 model). That’s an interest worth pursuing, but not quite as exciting as putting my hands on a rare PCX2. Still, it will have to do for a while. Once my MX arrives, at least. If it ever does. The postal service has failed me before, after all.


What says you?

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