Serious Sam Fusion 2017 beta: Fish’n’Fries

If you own Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, you can now download the Serious Sam Fusion 2017 beta on Steam. What is it? Well, apparently some kind of central hub for all things Serious Sam, allowing access to the first up to the third game, presumably including the DLC chapters, and even SS4 whenever it comes out (so far it only supports TFE HD). It features slightly revamped graphics, easier access to all games from one place (guess the Steam client wasn’t easy enough), and probably new leaderboards. That last bit is my current problem.

Perhaps you don’t know, but Serious Sam HD works a bit differently from other games. Your leaderboard score is simply the sum of your scores from every level… and I mean all levels, including extra ones: so if you start TSE HD, and have the Fusion DLC installed, you can get a higher score by playing through the TFE episodes and two demo levels as well, not to mention the Legend of the Beast DLC chapter. It’s kind of pay to win, at least when it comes to leaderboards. But if Fusion 2017 is going to have unified leaderboards for all games, that means in order to keep my spot, I’ll have to replay every game, one by one, and get a high score in all of them!

Oh well, back again with Serious +  No Health + No Armor + No Powerups… 66x multiplier, here I come.

SS HD Fusion 2017: level 1
I’d play on Mental for 76x, but it has less enemies. I noticed you actually tend to get lower scores.

The graphics look a bit more natural, though also a bit less rich… I wonder if it was a side effect of having to make the game work smoothly in VR mode. I kinda like the new look. Currently it has a few bugs and also a few fixes. A big one is the werebulls behavior, which is a bit too aggressive. Seriously, right now whenever I meet one of them, I just bombard them from a distance, because dodging them has become near impossible. One fix, which was a long time coming but still disappointing, is the revolvers reload glitch: now, if you switch to a different weapons, the revolvers won’t be automatically reloaded. I’ll have to plan for that change during big fights.

But most importantly, they actually fixed the fishes’ behavior! In the original game and even in the HD remake, fishes were everyone’s nightmare because their physics were completely broken. They were supposed to be able to electrocute you from a short range, but in actuality, you could be hit from the other side of the arena, and their attacks hurt like hell. As if that weren’t bad enough, they could even chase you out of the water! An absolute nightmare. In Fusion 2017, they finally act like they should: much shorter range, and not nearly as aggressive. I can finally explore the waters in peace.

Now, let’s hope they fix the werebulls soon too, because in their current state they could make later levels near unplayable. And as Sam would say, that’s a load of bull.


2 thoughts on “Serious Sam Fusion 2017 beta: Fish’n’Fries”

  1. I’m a massive Sam fan myself, I also competed on the leaderboards too. First finishing Serious, then finding that Mental wasn’t quite as bad as it sounds. I also did the X65 multiplier, and later turned on extra enemy strength which requires a lot more tactics/skill/patience/luck and sometimes just cheese, but you could do it! Seeing yourself with the top equal score on x73 or x83 was something special.
    I don’t have the time I used to, but with some time I’d like to push up the scoreboard and see where I land.
    As for your comment about pay to win, I think its off the mark a bit. Enhanced steam shows me Legend of the Beast had a historic low of 50 cents. 90% off deals will do that! This isn’t Bioware who are crap at doing deals for DLC.
    I was disappointed to see that respawning items keep adding to your score. It completely broke The Great Pyramid. Spend 12 hours picking up health items and backpacks to get to the #1 slot! Someone spends 14 hours to reclaim it. Next guy reloads his save and does 18 hours! At least in Serious Sam 3 they shut that off by having NO score from items. Personally I would have preferred score from items but ONLY the first time.
    I’ve sent you a friend request on Steam .. hope that was you!


    1. About the Pay to Win comment, it’s not really that simple. Sure, so far it’s only the DLC. But what if in the future they add The Last Hope to the global leaderboards? Or maybe even First Encounter VR, assuming it has separate scores. In that case, you’d find yourself unable to compete unless you had a VR headset. Imho they should at least separate the various games leaderboards – right now, you can only check the single level scores, or the global score which includes all the games.

      Also yeah, I’ve finished the games on Mental too (you actually get a higher score on Serious in many levels, because there are more enemies). But it’s not really that fun to play, so I would rather stick to Serious.


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