Another 13 years before we all turn into mutant fish

It’s Great Heat Wave Day! Well, I haven’t written anything in a while, mostly because my job has kept me busy (busier than usual). But also because, at this point, there isn’t really any graphics card that I don’t already own. Nothing affordable, at least. of course I’d like a Rendition Verite, but that’s above my budget.

That said, I’m at least eyeing an S3 Trio 3D/2x. It should not be much better than a Trio 3D, which itself was not much better than a Virge… alright, you can probably see where I’m going. But I’ve heard of slight improvements to the 3D core. Those might be worth checking out at least. I shouldn’t expect much, but if I can find the card for less than 10 euro, I’ll put it through a round of tests.

In other news, since today is the best day of the year, I’ve finally received my Xbox copy of that Spyro game everybody is talking about.

Yep, that’s right, I’ve finally bought Hero’s Tail.

Hey, at least it’s 60fps, okay?

Eurocom were the masters of middling games, and while I was hoping this would be one of their better titles (did anyone say Predator Concrete Jungle?), first impressions are average at best. The platforming isn’t nearly as tight as in the old games. Maybe this will be yet another Sphinx – some highs, but overall a missed opportunity.

It’s early days though. I still have at least two more months to bear before I can rest. Until then, Hold Baroque Inside Yourself.

What says you?

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